Autism at Face Value

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Comic books are full of heroes in hiding, but real world heroes with autism are beginning to come to the attention of others, and they’re making people realize just how amazing they truly are. Entrepreneurs with autism are proving that no matter what experts may say about someone’s abilities, finding an one’s unique skills is just a matter of being open to seeing them.

Face Value Comics recognizes its duty to provide quality entertainment. We addressed our scientific theories about teaching empathy to children using the Facial Feature Recognition. Psychologists world-wide now recognize the importance of facial feature recognition as a communication tool for autistics. This theory’s the foundation of my own PhD research, started two years ago.

We use real­world clinical descriptions of autism and other challenges to help guide our fictional characters’ behaviors. Furthermore, each main character has undergone a fictional psychological assessment, complete with AXIS I and II definitions. We believe these strategies add character depth and places significant social responsibilities on our writers.

Contact Info: Agnie Kot
President, Autism at Face Value
Address: P.O. Box 89
East Berlin, PA 17316

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