First Autism at Face Value Comic is Released!

We’re so grateful for our patient fans. Autism at Face Value is excited to announce that our first issue is available now at Indy Planet. Click here to get it.
Download a free four page insert (a special treat for our awesome fans), too! We’re very proud of our first Autism at Face Value comic and wanted to offer you that special bonus. Inside this special four-page color insert, you’ll find safety tips from Project Lifesaver International and definitions for 10 Victorian vocabulary words. For instance, did you know that an “addle plot” is a spoil sport?
Get your free Autism at Face Value Download here!
An Autism at Face Value comic makes a great gift and you can get them in time by visiting one of our local stores. At our signing, the first 100 comics purchased in store will be signed by the artist and writing team. Fans in York, PA can buy the comic at three local comic book stores: Comix Connection, Comic Store West, and Planet X Comics. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to buy their comics from these great shops and hope you enjoy issue 1, the first of many comics that will deliver a fun and inventive storyline AND build understanding about autism.

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