Giving Girls the Female Role Models They Deserve

Female Role Models in Comics

One of the goals of Face Value Comics is to break down stereotypes and show people for who they really are. We’re doing that for autism, physical disabilities, and mental health issues. We’re also breaking down the stereotypes most comic books employ for their female characters. We want to empower girls and give them deep and interesting female role models. Too many comic books rely on unreal bodies and one-dimensional characters. We have a variety of female characters, each with unique strengths, struggles, and interests. We’re proud of the variety of female role models our readers meet in each of our comics.

We talked about Myra in our last post about our female role models. We also have Cassiopeia. Where Myra is rather gentle, Cassiopeia is mostly very outgoing. She’s very interested in science–meteorology and aeronautics, to be precise. She’s also a diligent student. While not many female role models exhibit these traits, it’s not unusual for girls to be good students who are fascinated by science. They absolutely deserve to read about a hero who shares their interests.

One of our more complex female role models is Claudia. She exhibits a lot of bitter traits in the first issue. She’s sarcastic and driven, so much so that Michael thinks “I don’t know who’s the worst bully…Edge or Claudia.” Claudia is also up for adventures. Though she was born without her legs from her thighs down, she’s able to maneuver her wheelchair over bumpy terrain. She also shows remarkable courage when she is captured by the aliens. Often girls are encouraged to ignore or downplay their anger and other negative emotions. This is totally unhealthy and unfair. By showing Claudia’s multifaceted emotional life, we want to empower girls to own and acknowledge the full range of their emotions, too.


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  1. I think that is awesome what yall are doing. Our son hunter has autism. He is high functioning. Thank you for making these comic books. Its a great thing y’all are doing.

  2. Just wanted to say that you are doing such a great thing with these comics. My son Tempest is autistic and loves comics. Keep up the great work you are doing to raise awareness is such a cool way. Looking forward to future issues.

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