Can hardly believe it but the segment on NBC Nightly resulted in a complete sell-out of Face Value Comics!!  We are SOLD OUT!

While we are overwhelmed and thrilled with your support, we want to see you with comics in your hands and are doing everything we can to see that happen.

Please visit your local comic store  – find their location by clicking here – and ask them to place a back order today for any copies you may wish. We hope to have a large supply available by the end of month, giving you plenty of time to follow the story line before Issue #2 hits the open market in October!

If you prefer to order the digital copy until the hard copy arrive, please click here.


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  1. My daughter is a Autism teacher. She is a big com-con fan. I would love to get more information on this comic book so I can get it for her.

    1. Hi Anna,
      Visit your local comic shop to get issue #1 in print or be added to a waiting list (more are being printed!). Visit to find your nearest shop and thank you for asking about Face Value Comics! You can also download Issue #1 at if you want to preview it before your hardcopy arrives. Thank you for your support!
      Autism at Face Value

  2. Hi there, can you please tell me the name of issue #1. I have contacted my local comic store but they dont know what to enter in the computer to search for it. TIA :-)

  3. hi, can any comic shop order these?
    I was told by my comic shop that they were not able to order through any of their distributors, and that this was only available in certain states? is that true?

  4. Hi I noticed that there’s two versions…one has $5.00 printed on the cover…they seem impossible to find even on eBay?? Are these the self published copies and if so how many did you guys make of those? Thanks again and I wish you all the luck in the world with this – great job!!

    1. Thanks, Matthew. We DID self-publish both the $5 version, but when we partnered with Diamond Comic Distributors (DCD), we passed along print cost savings to fans. Issue #1 through DCD is $3.99. Any comic store that gets its comics from DCD (read: almost every comic shop in the world!) CAN order or back-order the issues for you. Thanks for being a fan!

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