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Created by Dave Kot and Angela Kot, Face Value Comics introduces the world’s 1st autistic hero, reminiscent of the Golden Age of Comics. Autism at Face Value practices “comic awareness” and employs the use of comic books and educational toys to publicly demystify Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).


Our Pledge

We believe independent publishing has its own ethical responsibilities. Unchained from massive editorial boards, brash comics can do whatever they want and pay for publications. We opt for a kid-friendly approach. As a non-profit organization, we have a social responsibility, too. Kids with autism already face communication hurdles inherent in their diagnosis. Therefore, we want to avoid ambiguity about crimes, immodesty, and other potentially confusing misunderstandings.

Face Value Comics loosely adopts the antiquated Comics Code Authority. Comic book publishers policed themselves to avoid government censorship, and actively sought the literal stamp-of-approval by this governing body. In 2011, the last adherent to the Code broke. However, many tips provide a foundation for ethical and family-friendly products. Therefore, we pledge that:

1. Crimes and criminals are clearly sordid and unsympathetic, with no specific details available for re-enactment.

2. Criminals are punished for their misdeeds, eventually.

3. Educational institutions, fair laws, (human) races and religions are respectfully addressed, if or when presented.

4. Good grammar, and never profanity, shall be employed in almost most cases.

5. Gruesome bloodshed and excessive details or glamorization of combat are unnecessary to drive plot.

6. Sexual crimes, indecencies and immodest dress are prohibited.

7. The social backbone of families, in any context, is addressed with compassion and tact.

Face Value Comics hopes these guidelines help make a socially-responsible comic book for young readers, and those who love them.

© Face Value Comics 2013


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